Simple file upload and sharing tool
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Simple tool for uploading and sharing files that you can self-host.


All settings are controled by using a .env file, an example is in the repo.

  • Upload only: You can make the instance to be upload only. In that case you need to manually delete the files from your hosting machine.

How to host

Regular system

To run on a regular system I recommend to use a virtual environment to install the dependencies and run the project from there.

We will also be setting up an specific user to run the app as safe as possible with a systemd service file for startup




systemctl start upfast.service

Start on boot

systemctl enable upfast.service


In the repo there is an included dockerfile to generate an image from the latest version of everything, to generate an image just run docker build . -t upfast (You need root privileges or to be in the docker group).

To run the docker container check the container id with docker images command.

sample docker run command

sudo docker run -p 8000:8000 -v ./upload:/usr/src/app/upload CONTAINER_ID

The sample command will need an upload directory, you can replace ./upload with a different path to save uploaded stuff.

Nginx Proxy setup

This is an example nginx proxy config for http

cp ./upfast-nginx /etc/nginx/sites-available/upfast
ln -sf /etc/nginx/sites-available/upfast /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/

Load config

systemctl reload nginx


Thanks TLasT on his help with testing and documentation.